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What can you achieve by having a website? Very important things to know:

Alejandro S.T.

Founder at ChonCho Web Design, Entrepreneur

What can you achieve by having a website? Very important things to know:

The advantages of a website bring with it are very diverse. On the one hand, a large part of the population already uses the Internet to search for products. On the other hand, many people buy online directly. Who is not represented on the Internet, has almost no chance to reach its customers.

Here we have explained about what are the benefits of having a website and also explained what can you achieve having your own website?

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.


Website as a business card on the Internet:

The website is mainly used as a modern business card. Here you can present yourself, introduce your products or service and publish your contact data.

Reach customers and win customers:

Mouth-to-mouth propaganda is still the most important way to win orders. However, more and more people are looking for potential companies, craftsmen and other service providers to whom they wish to place an order. Who is not to be found on the Internet, does not exist for this target group and cannot be reached.

Maintain image and enhance image:

A company or in general, an organization that has its own website, radiates a modern image to the outside. An appealing and technically good website underlines the image. Meanwhile, more and more people are visiting websites with mobile devices such as smartphone and Tablet. In order to be legible everywhere, the Internet presence should be optimized for different devices.

References and offered products and services as an online showroom:

Show your customers why they should buy from you. Make your products and services public and explain why customers should invest with you – why they stand out from competitors. References are designed to give customers confidence in the company’s services.

Make contacts and maintain contacts:

Your website, your company blog or your social media channels enable a very direct and fast contact to your customers. Through Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you also have the opportunity to get opinions from outside. What is discussed about my company/association? Is there criticism and if so, which ones? In this way, new contacts are created quickly. And also you will come to know in which direction you need to work more in order to boost up your products or services.

The website works 24 hours and 7 days a week:

The Internet never sleeps. You can reach it around the clock. This is an unbeatable argument in comparison to all other advertising measures. Your site is your most affordable employee. Above all, the round-the-clock accessibility no other employee can take you away. Compared to other advertising formats like advertising in newspapers and magazines, posters, flyers, and etc. the website is very cheap and relatively easy to manage. It is not always necessary to conclude new contracts on ad-hoc committees or to take no other cost-intensive measures.


It doesn’t matter; you have a small organization or big, the transparency of an organization is of paramount importance for small groups of donors. It is an important feature for the outsider to assess the credibility of the institution. Was the money also used correctly? How is the association board composed? With the help of the Internet, this accountability can be filed easily.


In our modern service company, a high degree of service and customer-friendliness is assumed as a matter of course – even with socio-political-oriented associations. The Internet offers the possibility to offer a specific service, such as the provision of direct dial telephone numbers or contact person names. Research shows that Internet users benefit from the new medium, particularly in the service sector.

Worldwide Exposure:

Your website is accessible not only in your region but worldwide. This allows you to easily network with business partners or competitors around the world. If this fits your business strategy, you can also act internationally and this very cost-effective. The information is simultaneously accessible not only in the local indicator but worldwide – so that people with the same interests and those who are interested can find themselves together more quickly and easily. Organizations that rely on the advertising of members can be found quickly and purposefully by positioning in search engines. If you are looking for a self-help group for a rare disease, you enter your name into such a search engine – in a few seconds, the global network will be searched. In the other way, an organization can find a lot more easily working in similar fields, in order to cooperate and to concentrate or even to save forces so that the work is not duplicated.

Conclusion – why a website is important:

As described above, it is now almost unavoidable to make your own website. The advantages, such as the accessibility for customers, indicate how enormously important one’s own internet presence is. So you should not be afraid to invest in a professionally designed website.

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